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  1. It's just you. I'm not trying to be rude, mate...Have you driven one?
  2. I paid 27370 (pounds) for my 2009 Touring/Sport edition (no Nav) with the 6MT. I think this is a pretty good deal for Canada. (I converted it to pounds for your reference.) Just FYI for comparason for you folks in the U.K EDIT: The price I showed above is (what we call over here) "all-in....delivered". Which means... all extra charges (ie: taxes, dealer prep, transport, etc.) are included in that price. I just paid that and drove away.
  3. Colin, did you also do the Stillen HFC's? I have, and in combo with the CBE, it really rocks. I also did the GenII CAI. I then dyno'd the set-up. The results were 369BHP and 313WHP. Incredible sound!! Congrats!
  4. Ouch! That's expensive. I really feel for you folks in the U.K.. Here in NA, they are considerably cheaper (even cheaper in the USA then Canada).
  5. I'm west of Edmonton about 50 kms. And yes, I have started an album on my profile page that you should be able to view some pictures.
  6. Hello from western Canada. I saw your invite from the 370.com forums and thought I'd register over here. Been to the U.K. 9 times in my life. Really miss it there.... going in 2011 again. Love cask ales and bitter ales (not chilled). Check out my ride on my profile page album. It's parked for the cold Canadian winter right now. I should have it back on "dry" pavement in early April.
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