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  1. yer that sounds like the same thing i really cant think of what it is ? and as you say can be fine one min the next plays up which makes hard to find the fault has any one else had the same problem and managed to fix it ? cheers
  2. yer there even and yer when had wheels off tried braking it seems free , strange thing is can be fine on a run then next time im out starts playing up again seems to getting more freq tho cheers
  3. hi been getting lights on dash for a while, so have replaced front discs and pads checked rear and are fine plenty of wear fluid is also fine , still getting lights on also when braking sometimes pulls to left and i get a feeling as abs trying to work through pedal but abs is not , mainly happens when braking from 50-30 etc and when hard braking its twitching n pulling . car isnt getting used as much sits for upto 3 days without use could this have something to do with it ??? any advice would really help cheers
  4. Hi all brake lights have come up on my dash , so checked fluid was fine checked pads about half worn , disks looked little bit worn so maybe front right even both sides of disc, front left out of disc looks good but inside was thinner??? Also when braking getting a grinding feeling through pedal and slight pull to left but only sometimes happens ??? So any help please car is 05 with brembo have full set off yelowstuff pads in box ready to cheers Greg
  5. Dam u.s getting better stuff than us and prob cheaper to lol
  6. doing some searches and looks like it could be the 07 stereo that plays mp3's,says on front of stereo,and from what i found on other forums slight mods need to be done to get it to fit just wanted to know if any one had done it on here ? so obv the fella who said it cant must have the older version of the bose http://www.rsportscars.com/nissan/2007-nissan-350z/ greg
  7. searched on google and it says mp3 cd compatible on the facelift bose and does look different head to my 05 one , and do have tape deck best found so far aux that is will av to get a 07 owner to try it as the yanks may be different spec
  9. hi still looking for a set of sports cats if any 1 has some please??? also just found out the later bose stereo's(06 +) play mp3 can you do a swap for one of these for my 05 bose system ??? cheers greg
  10. just ordered k&n pannel filter ha ha best of luck with the sale
  11. Hi any found a 06 airbox lying around as I have a good home for it pm me if you do lol cheers Greg
  12. yer was wanting the 06 air box for my 05 but still have not had any pm's there must be someone running aftermarket who wont there old box lol , if not popcharger or k&n prob
  13. spot on thanks will get this sorted then hopefully see good gains from rs cheers greg
  14. hi been seeking advice on work to do to car before taking it for the revup map end of jan, so looking if any one has a 2006 + airbox which they no longer want as have popcharger/ typoon etc ???? or if any one has aftermarket induction (popcharger/typhoon etc) they dont need/want ???? also if if anyone has a set of hfc for sale as would like these but dependent on price ??? and big thanks to (3FIDDYZ) for advice and help and (ZMANALEX) cheers greg
  15. Thanks for the advice spike to rs tuning and they said the sports cats will make a difference but not in the peak more the midrange so thinking if any 1 has some for sale let me know as not fancying paying the £450 ish price with forking out money for map to lol :-) , also does the Revup map remove speed limit to ? also any recomendations on the pannel filter Cheers and thanks Greg





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