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Feedback for Kaizer

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Our 350z started slipping it's clutch bang on the 50k miles they say, so I rang and emailed a couple of places. Sly was the quickest to reply and offered excellent value, unrivalled In fact. He had offered some advice via email on unrelated issues some time ago, despite gaining no financial gain from doing so. So I felt happy to take the car there.


Clutch and flywheel replaced with factory spec parts but on the way home the pedal kept sticking when the car was hot.


Spoke to Sly straight away who was very apologetic and offered to take the car back straight away, despite a busy schedule.


So I took the car back, a new slave cylinder, braided hose and fluid change. Plus I asked him to do a P1 service as it will be due shortly, and a gearbox oil change. Thankfully all issues resolved and car running really well.


Sly was very helpful, picking up and dropping off at train station, very keen to help when we had a problem (which I must add was no fault of his) and to top it off, he seems like a nice friendly chap!


Despite almost 2hr each way journey, I will always take the 350z back to Sly, excellent service and prices


Thanks very much, Sian has her car back so now I get an easy life 😃

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I will always go to Sly - he's a great honest guy who really knows his stuff and his hugely passionate about Nissans! I even took my wife's old toyota corolla there to be serviced I trust him that much! :)

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