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Multiple swaps, kind of part out....


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Genuine Chargespeed Bodykit. Complete, Chargespeed badge indents have been smoothed over but badges are available with the kit.


Swap ideally for Genuine Nismo kit or standard and some cash my way. If you don't like the Chargespeed front bumper I will include the GTR style one I have but it does need some repair work to the lower lip as my car is very low.










Wings, would like to swap for Standard. These were P15ULTS masterpiece that I loved, but as I want the car back to normal(ish) they need to go, they are modified to take 370Z indicators, I will be keeping them so you will need to either modify them back to take standard set up or buy some 370z indicators...




Bonnet, Seibon Carbon. Straight swap for facelift bulge bonnet. I don't want to paint it, but I want a Green bonnet. There is a catch with this one, well actually, there isn't. The secondary catch has broken off, it was like this when I bought it and I kept meaning to cut the catch off of a knackered bonnet and have it attached to mine but I never got round to it. I will get a pic of this when I can (car is in garage and I can't find the pic I had). It has a couple of little marks in the lacquer, age related I believe.




I think that is all but I will add stuff if I think of it.


I am not on the forum that often anymore but if you PM me I will get an email and respond ASAP. Cheers

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