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Eibach Nissan 350Z complete chassis upgrades!

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Just released from Eibach is an update on the full available kit with part numbers and RRP’s for the the Nissan 350Z after I requested information a couple of weeks ago.


The Pro Kit, part number E10-63-013-01-22, which retails at £202.50 +VAT and lowers the vehicle by 30mm front and rear. The anti-roll bar kit comes in at £330 +VAT. The front bar Ø is 34mm and with 2 way adjustment; and the rear is 22mm Ø with 3 way adjustment. Both of these bars are made from tubular steel to keep the weight down.


For the Pro Alignment parts the front control arms (part number 5.72125K) are priced at £410.22 +VAT and offer a range of adjustment from +3.50° to -1.50° of camber adjustment, along with ± 1.00° of castor. They are supplied with all the fitment parts required including hub and brake shims.


On the rear we have the lower arms, part number 5.72050K, which will give ±3.00° of camber adjustment and are priced at £150.76 +VAT.


All of these parts are designed to the highest specification to reduce un-sprung mass along with maximum adjustability so the end user can set the car to their precise requirements.



For more information on our pricing, fitting costs and availability give us a shout at info@tdi-north.com

We are Eibach super dealers so can get anything normally next day if it’s in stock


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