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Subwoofer size

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if you check the for sale section there are a couple of bose subs up for grabs, i think they're still available :thumbs:



Thanks dude i will check it out im wondering if it would be better to build an enclosure under the rear strutbrace arch and put the amp in the hole behind drivers seat and maybe put another amp in the compartment behind passenger seat for the 4 speakers
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I built a rack and put 2 JL slash amps behind the drivers seat to power a 10w6v2 under the strut and JL comps up front.


Just adding a sub to the stock location wouldnt sound good as its open and not enclosed, i didnt like having the sub behind me either.

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If you are going to put a sub there then it is mainly the mounting depth and volume you need to worry about. Make sure that it will fit and there is still enough air for it to work. This is assuming you don't find a better place to put it, as has been mentioned. :)

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