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370z Vehicle Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock


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To change between auto door lock at speed (default - disabled):


Vehicle Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock

All doors are locked when the vehicle speed reaches 24 km/h (15 MPH) or more.

BCM outputs the lock signal to all door lock actuators when it detects that the ignition switch is turned ON, all

doors are closed and the vehicle speed received from the combination meter via CAN communication

becomes 24 km/h (15 MPH) or more.


The automatic door lock function ON/OFF can be switched by performing the following operation.

1. Close all doors (door switch OFF)

2. Turn ignition switch ON

3. Press and hold the door lock and unlock switch for 5 seconds or more in the lock direction within 20 seconds

after turning the ignition switch ON.

4. The switching is complete when the hazard lamp blinks.

OFF → ON : 2 blinks

ON → OFF : 1 blink

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Currently I have my doors set to auto lock with speed, and not to unlock with IGN. Unlock can be done by the button or opening a door from the inside.


*NOTE* The lock indicator on the centre console does not dim with the rest of the dash and remains bright when lit up.

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