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Need a new Y pipe...


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My Y pipe is split at the flexi joint. I'm not looking for any special performance enhancement and see that there are a myriad offerings for replacements on fleabay and other outlets. My question is - any advice on what NOT to go for? I'm reading that pipes joining sooner as opposed to later pays dividends on power? 


Has anyone had experience of swapping these over? If so are there studs in the downpipe/cat sections or nut and bolt? The local garage spotted the split at the MOT (it still passed) and pointed out that the nuts are shot and I should source replacements with the pipe as Japanese thread sizes are odd?


Finally, mine is a genuine GT4 Limited and some Ebay "does it fit my car?" tables says that it won't fit a VQ35DE 291HP derivative; I thought they all looked the same? Years ago I upgraded to a stainless centre section and backbox (K2 I seem to recall) and I don't recall issues then.


All advice greatly appreciated!

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All 350z Y Pipes are the same, no matter if it's a GT4 or not, it will fit providing it's made for a 350. 


What I always say is buy cheap, buy twice. If you buy a Y Pipe from eBay, chances are the flexi's will go again on it in the near future and you'll end up having to pay again for fitment costs which could be avoided by buying a quality product in the first place.


If it was me changing it, I'd go for something without flexi's at all, that's the most common failure point on the Y-Pipes. 


Something like STILLEN or the V2 TORQEN Y Pipe. 





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Thanks Coz. I went for the Japspeed one in the end with the idea of matching the K2 centre section and backbox. That has not entirely worked out because it transpires that this "stainless steel" system was made with mild steel flanges! The garage called to say that the flanges had rotted badly and even come away from the centre pipe in one place (they sent photos and it's quite alarming how bad it is).


I've been on to Japspeed and they are citing "out of warranty", though failed to comment on "product sold was not as described"... All a bit annoying really. Offered some discount on a new system but even today their "cat-back" offering doesn't include a Y pipe!      

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