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Headunit Replacement (2008 HR Bose)


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Morning All, 


Hope you're all well!


New to 350z ownership and delighted with the car so far. 3-4 weeks in and I've already dabbled in modifications (Invidia Gemini) but ultimately want to keep it as close to OEM as possible. Car is a 2008 HR with Bose and the optional Sat Nav. 


The stock Bose stereo has acquired a number of deep scratches in the last few weeks. Not me, I must add, but don't really want to get into it as pretty irritated by what's happened. 


I've posted and been in touch with a few very helpful forum members that have stock units to replace the existing Bose one on a like for like basis, which I am leaning towards. The caveat there being the cost of having Nissan pair the replacement with my ECU, which I'm imaging would equate to ~£120/hr with no guarantees. 


However, I would also like to hear based on your experiences how easy it is to fit an aftermarket double-din unit whilst still maintaining things like the steering wheel mounted controls, AND the pairing with the Sat Nav (eg that when directions come up on the Nav, it crosses over the top of the audio that comes from the stereo). Is this possible? Or would I lose the audio from the Nav by fitting an aftermarket headunit? I have seen adapter kits online that include the plug and play style looms. I have fitted stereos with these kits before, so checking if there are any typical problem areas or compromises to be had when doing so. 


Trying to work out what best to do. I've also seen a number of posts where folks have worked in AUX connectivity to their Bose units, which is also an idea that I'm contemplating. 


Thanks in advance for your comments and look forward to being here. Can't contribute too much at the moment but fully intend to in the future. Just need to learn the ropes first! 



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