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Engine Squeek (Not on Cold Start) VQ35HR

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Hi All, 


A few details on this issue:


Does not occur on cold start, only when the engine goes above 3000rpm and then the noise stays for an inconsistant amount of time.


The car has done 116000 miles, the automatic belt tensioner, both idler pulleys and the surpentine belt have been replaced within the last month.


I believe the noise is slightly louder from the nearside (right side in the video), can an ac pump casue a noise like this?


I have read some past threads and this noise could also be the power steering pump, I could not confirm as the videos in the threads were no longer available -_- Does this sound like the case to anyone who has changed thier power steering pump?


I have yet to spray silicone lube on each pulley to see if I can identify the location of the noise.


Any help and advise is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance <3



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Sorry for not responding for a few weeks, I realised you were right with the noise being louder from the drivers side. I ordered a alternator pulley as it was cheap but have now discovered than it was only the pulley and not the one way bearing that I ordered, from this I am guessing it is more likely to be the PAS pump.


PAS Fluid is basically black instead of red or clear, guessing doing a fluid flush would not solve this? I doubt the PAS fluid has ever been changed. Fluid level is halfway between min and max (cold).


Pitch of noise does increase with engine speed, it will increase with revs and then reach a limit, almost like a pump catering to demand and the reaching max speed.

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