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Grey 350Z Newmarket

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nice 350z with rota grids,spotted Newmarket high street ,gave thumbs up.sunday,possibly been to 4k detail car event at racecourse.

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Hi bud, I'm thinking this was me (pic for ref) but not sure if there was another with different wheels as you mentioned but I definitely gave the old thumbs. I had no idea there was an event on, I'd just came to get fuel and there were cars everywhere!

Yours was the black one at the lights right? There was another white one with decals behind you, both cars were awesome 😎 


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Posted (edited)

hello mate yeah that was me at the lights,black one.there was the 4k detail show on at the race course,i didnt have a  ticket,was just out for a drive.

plenty of cars out in and around Newmarket,hopefully if it all went well they may make it a yearly event.excuse the state of my car,didnt get time for a valet this week.yours looked well nice mate.

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Cheers mate, appreciate it! Would definitely be nice to see some more shows locally. To be honest, I hadn’t noticed how dirty it was but I guess that’s the thing with black cars, at least they always look sick when clean though. Maybe catch you at a show sometime! 

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