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Anyone running 10j on the front of their 370Z


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So I’m after a bit of advice I’ve trawled through the forum but can’t find anything specific so wondered if anyone can shed some light on my dilemma!!


Im looking to change the wheels on my 370 (GT model) and have been looking at various options. I want to run whatever I get without spacers (personal choice I’m just not keen) but also want to bring the wheels out a bit more using the offset of the rims.  I’ve pretty much decided on the rims I want but the fronts don’t come in the exact width and offset I want (9.5j Et38) they do however come in 10J ET38. I was planning on running slightly wider front tyres anyway so this isn’t a great issue


I’ve run it through the willtheyfit calculator and it gives the below output. I know it’s not a great deal but it does say it’ll be a few mm closer to the strut which concerns me.


For context my car isn’t lowered but I’m considering a minor drop using RSR springs (10mm down) 


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