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The correct way to clean the trottle bodies on a 350Z HR

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Hello, i bought myself a 350Z roadster 2007 and want to give it a full service because there is some hesitation when moving from a stilstand. Will be changing oil, filter, spark plugs and air filter. While i'm there i want to clean the trottle bodies and the maf sensor.

I looked allover the internet and this didn't help me much. Some say you can just move the butterfly with your fingers to clean them and leave everything connected and others say you have to disconnect the battery, throttle body and ecu (in that order?) and then clean them and still don't touch the butterfly?

This made me a bit insecure doing the job. Is there a correct procedure to do this without the risk of burning the ECU ?


Kind regards, Rolf


By the way this is my 350Z





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Do not manually adjust the throttle bodies with them still attached to the car. You'll bugger then instantly. 


I suspect your hesitation on idle is not related. Hesitation on pull away is a symptom of low oil pressure which HRs are known to suffer from. I would suggest taking it to a specialist, Horsham developments or Abbey Motorsport for a checkover. At least that way you'll get a very clear picture of the cars health without incurring an eye watering bill needing two throttle bodies 

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Thanks for your answer, i don't think it's because of oil pressure that my car has a hesitation. Today i looked at the resistance between the negative terminal and the engine, when i touched the negative terminal the cable was loose🤪. Car was maintaned by the dealership for the last 5 years. It drives like a dream now.

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