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New Style Rays Forged 19" Set £650

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Only for sale as I’ve gone less shiny with the whole car..


I will split the set and sell individually if required.


Here is a set of 19" genuine Rays from my 2017 370z with only 2,800 miles on it (one careless previous owner!!).


The set are staggered with the fronts being 19"x9", the rears 19" x 10".


All have marks as can clearly be seen in the pics and each is described ACCURATELY below.


Descriptions below based on orientation..


OSF - small marks to one slim spoke


OSR - slight ramp rub to the rim and a small area of the diamond cut. There is a very slight dink to the inside of the rim in one spot but it isn't significant and you can't tell when driving. Tyre balances 100% and it is MOT 'safe' according to my tester.


NSR - a couple of rub marks through the lacquer


NSF - the wheel lip was kerbed hard and has been built up in two places (one inside, one outside) with weld by a proper engineering company but wasn't machined back when the wheel was refinished/diamond cut to maintain strength over looks. Tyre balances 100%, is air tight and it is MOT 'safe' according to my tester. I have driven the car with this wheel for over 1,000 miles and it is fine, but best to be honest!! (The wheel is the one that's all black 'internally' in the pics)


These wheels are at least £1,600 each from Nissan, and I've never seen a set for sale secondhand.


£750 for the set sound fair?


I will split the set if someone wants individual wheels and I’m happy to socially distance deliver/meet up for diesel money up to 100 miles from my home base.




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