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Blank Switches Cubby Install - But With My Own Touch


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I purchased one of the 3D printed cubby units (for £25 or so) on ebay that replaces the blank switch panel if you dont have heated seats. It came from the states and i did get hit with £15 import tax, but oh well.


Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173476610749


It looked great and in 2 minutes i had it installed. It fitted perfectly.







The one thing i wasnt happy with however was the rugged top edge which just didnt look good and I really wanted an OEM look, like it had always been there.


I then had the idea of sawing off the top of the heated seats switch panel and then sawing off and sanding the middle separater bar bits in the middle. This would then theoretically give me an OEM looking top to the cubby.


So i got to work...




It came out brilliantly and all i needed to do after sanding the inside was give it a quick spray in black.


I then cut the lip off the cubby and glued my new lip onto it. It worked perfectly and it now looks completely OEM.











Before and After my custom lip:



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