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Alternator Grounding Strap

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Afternoon all, 


Did an oil change a few days ago and noticed that there was a plastic looking block just hanging around by the alternator. After a bit of poking around, i realised the plastic block was actually metal, with a plastic covering on it and had a rusted through metal tab that was supposed to be bolted to a bolt on the back of the alternator itself.


It looks like this has clean rusted through, leaving the part with a hole for a bolt on the alternator and the actual strap just dangling in the wind.


I wast able to see really where the other end of this wire went, does anyone have any clues at all?


Everything seems to be running just fine (apart from a random P0340 code that keeps coming up) , so im sure its just an additional grounding wire, but would be keen to replace it with some fresh wire if i could find where the other end is supposed to go to!

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