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Ee...up lad thas ma Beekle like.

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Sorry for all the Ev posts but VW have jumped on the volks-wagon now and did what I will do to mine (one day!)


Good idea, like the flip up tail light power feed, but whats wrong using the original petrol flap at the front? Plus all the mud gets thrown up in that wing area.


Not sure why they needed to wrap the runnerboards around and make them fatter, maybe to cover the extra battery packs?  


If you look at vw's press site you will find more pictures not least the UP engine and controller. Sheesh its huge! If you look at the zelectric and other classic conversions its just got the washing machine motor , controller and empty engine bay this thing is almost as big as the old engine?


I shall expect stupid prices for this conversation. Just have to wait for the tech to drop in price. 5 years I recon.






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