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Front Bumper Sensor/Aribag/Bracket thingy

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Hi all,


I was in the process of fitting new registration plates to the car yesterday and the front plate I have is short (width) than a standard plate so thought I would stick it directly to the black trim area of the bumper. When I took the plate plinth off there was a weird looking bracket underneath it. I've done a quick google and it seems to come back as something to do with the front air bag sensor but I've never seen one on a car before. 


Do I need the part in question or can I remove it? I assumed I've never seen it before as normally you see pics of US Nismos so their bumper must be slightly different due to them having different plate laws? 


I've attached two pics, one of the part in question and another of how I've stuck the plate on. You can see a slight bend in the plate where this part is below. Having the plate stuck over the part isn't going to cause any issues is it?  I've also attached a parts listing pic of the part.


I'm aware it's not exactly central but I figured I'm gonna have to end up moving it potentially.






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