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Looking for previous owner...

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Apologies for the rather menacing sounding thread title, but I recently purchased a damaged 370z and if possible wanted to get in touch with the previous owner (at the time the car was written off).


I understand that the previous owner may not want to get in touch at all (which I can fully appreciate), but thought I would try my luck as I want to get a better understanding of the work already done to the vehicle.  Given the sensitive nature of this, I'm only going to outline a description of the vehicle in case the owner does not want to get in touch.


The 370z in question is a silver GT spec vehicle, recently MOT'd (April 2019) and I assume written off shortly after.  The car appears to have a full titanium exhaust setup (manifold all the way through) including a cat-back Invidia.  Wheels are wrapped in Pilot Sport 4S all round with decent tread.  Paintwork is stunning - looks to have been regularly detailed as there isn't a paint swirl in sight.  As mentioned the car was purchased from a salvage auction for personal use (once fixed up of course!).  The damage on the vehicle is to the passenger front corner.  Entire corner suspension damaged with the wheel off too.  Looking at the car, it appears there may have recently been some work done to the bottom end of the engine. 


Given the condition of the car and the fact the vehicle (other than the exhaust) appears to be mostly stock (again, I feel as if some engine work has recently been undertaken, given the condition of the seals on the underside), I am of the impression that the previous owner was almost definitely an enthusiast and possibly on the forums.  I have already done some searches but have been unable to locate any details online.


As mentioned already, I can fully appreciate if the owner is not willing to get in touch with me.  If you are aware of who the owner is, please do not publicly post this - rather can I request for you to get in touch with the previous owner with a link to this thread so they can decide for themselves if they wish to get in touch.  I'll keep an eye on my PMs.


Mods - I'm unsure if this is something which would be allowed on the forums, but if not, please delete this thread.



Just thought I would add that the mileage of the car is c.50k

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