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Aftermarket vs OEM camber arms, compression arms, toe bars etc

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Apologies in advance for my inexperience with suspension tuning.


I’m booked in at the end of the month to have eibach ARBs and Whiteline drop links installed front and back for my weekend roadster that makes occasional open pit appearances.


I have plans by the end of the year to order ohlins r&t or meisterR GT1s (esp after reading that great thread from Jerrick), then running 18x8.5J and 245 Square.


My question: what are the benefits of aftermarket arms/links/bars? Are they lighter, more durable or more adjustable than stock? I’ve read that the stock parts are already relatively lightweight (25% lighter than 300zx) are these aftermarket parts more commonly purchased therefore as oem replacements due to wear and tear? 


Most importantly do I need the additional adjustability to optimise the geometry once I install the above coilovers/wheels sizes as I plan to get it all installed and set up professionally by well know suspension specialists (thanks ekona for prior recommendation).


Thanks in advance for any contribution.

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TBH this is the link you want to read thoroughly:


Anything you're asking or thinking of asking has been asked many times :lol:

So please, have a read of that with your preferred wake-up juice. 


In short:

If you lower/raise the car from stock height then you mess up the geometry of the suspension, and how it was intended to move.

It's up to you if you want to have it all working optimally.

BUT I will tell you right now, you can't just change 1 thing and think yes that's sorted it, unfortunately it's a cascading affect once that ride height has changed.


If you're only driving it on the road, I'm sure most of it doesn't matter but typically you want to adjust the camber/toe front/rear.

If you look at the aftermarket, there are varying factors, cost, durability, intended use etc

Once again, you only really need to go that route if you change the height, or if something OEM won't quite get to the adjustment you want.



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Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond I will definitely read through that thread, but it sounds like if I was to invest into premium coil overs it would make sense to add adjustable camber and toe arms and have the geometry tuned on installation. 


Do you know if there is a range of adjustability with the OEM parts?

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Ignore my latest question within reading the first page I see the thread has already answered many of my queries! This Link is gold!

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