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Ahhh the joys of the 350z... Okay im looking of some help and advice from you beautiful bunch! i have just replace my W brace and stay brackets and have stumbled across a panel named...


BOARD ASSY-REAR FLOOR part number 74510AL500,



it connects to the stay brackets with 2 bolts each side of the car. I have actually snapped 1 bolt off each side due to major rust and it now vibrates, the part is not structural although connected to the sub frame. Upon searching the forums i believe it to be used in the manufacturing process to potentially just hang things off on the assembly line.


has anyone removed this before, if so how? i can remove the bolts in each stay bracket but i cant see from under the car how it connects in the middle? i have seen in posts someone saying it hangs with plastic clips? 


it looks like the subframe may have to be removed to get this little pickle and useless piece out? Thats a big job that i honestly CBA to do that or pay someone to do it! im hoping i could undo the clips cut one end off and pull the whole panel through and out from the other side? 


here are two other posts i have looked at for information they also have picks of the panel for reference 




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Use a dremil or something similar to cut it in half as much as possible then fold it back and forwards, twist it etc until it snaps. Pretty big job to remove it correctly & like others have said in those posts I doubt it serves much purpose with it being so thin and not really having anything connected to it. I'm no expert but that would be how I would tackle it.

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