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K-sport big brake kit judder resolved


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hi everyone this is a post just to make you all aware of a issue i recently had with the k-sport big brake kit i inherited when i bought my z, firstly when i bought the car there was always a slight brake judder but nothing to be concerned about.


recently the brake judder became a lot worse and was definitely something that needed immediate attention, the judder felt like it was coming from the rear with little to none being felt through the steering wheel, the rear calipers where extremely hard to remove and on first glance the calipers didn't seem to be retracting on brake release, on closer inspection the d2500 pads where extremely gummed up with brake dust and where completely seized and didn't seem like they where the correct fitment due to how seized they where with all the brake dust removed, removal of the paint on the side of the pads and some copper slip seemed to solve the issue. if anyone else has had similar issues with k-sport i would be interested, photos should follow.

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