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350Z Roadster tonneau lid inner workings.


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Hello all ,

This post is more for reference in case it helps anyone else out in the future. i've been fiddling a little more with the roof and I can confirm that the actuator is doing its job, but the latch isn't. I've made a video with my new amazon purchase, everyone should get on of these endoscopes! 







Anyway, the video is below for your reference, but if you happen to know how I can get to these parts I'd really appreciate it.



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As the weather has been so good, what better way to spend Sunday than having a raging hissey fit because of the b*****d roof.


So I've been prodding and poking the tonneau lid more today and have made some progress, a small amount of progress but I'm getting closer to having the roof working. If I've not hung myself.

last weekend I took all the trim off around the tonneau lid, it gave me a little bit more access but not much

Removing the trim enabled me to see the 5th bow actuator working, video above in my first post .

this weekend I delved deeper to see if I could unlatch the back of the roof, I did....to a point.

The part circled in green is the end of the 5th bow LOCKING actuator, I removed the split pin and disconnected it from the latch.


this enabled the back of the roof to be raised, I was about to run down the street screaming like I've escaped a lunatics asylum with my tshirts over my head, as I thought I'd released that back of the hood. But no.


the problem still remains that it won't unlock completely , so I can't lift up the back of the hood and determine which of the 3 components below are not working. I'm almost certain it's either the latch (9) or the close actuator (11)

80-_20180624_151233_ba84e1b0b774af6eac68so as it stands, I'm edging ever closer. But not quite there yet.

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Glad you have sorted your roof now well done, my turn now :unsure:

Iv'e been studying your post with interest, I am more fortunate in the fact my roof opens and closes but ......... the rearmost latch will not enter the lock mech ( 9 ) am I right in thinking the mech is purely powered by parts ( 10 ) and ( 11 )  if so my mech is jamming at the point of entry so will attempt to remove it to see why it,s not " avin any " .

Any ideas gratefully recieved. 

Thanks in advance.


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Hey peeege,  Apologies but I've only just see this post. 


You will notice that the latch (9) has two blue microswitchs on it. These tell the open/close actuators when to function in sequence. If these brake then you will get the issue you're experiencing.  I know this as one of my switches have broken.  


The bad news is these microswitchs are like hens teeth, I've been trying to source these seperately but they are not made anymore. You can try getting a new latch and hope the switches work! 


The only thing you can do is take the prong off, it's only 3 screws and when the roof is in its down position it remains firmly shut. 

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Hiya, same here sorry for the late reply been away for a week, yes I have done exactly that removed the rear hook so the hood opens ok and closes ok and is also 99.9 % waterproof will propably live with it now unless I get more motivated when the weather gets a bit more user friendly for more investigating.

all the best


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