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RDX drift day Rockingham review


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So me and a buddy of mine really wanted to do a drift day, after having a look around we decided on RDX drift academy (was always my choice due to using zeds)

after speaking with RDX they suggested going for the silver package due to me and my buddy both having plenty of performance/rwd car experience.

On the day.

We got up there nice and early for the afternoon slot about 12:45.

The academy is set up at Rockingham (concrete jungle) large area with water sprayers all around keeping the surface wet.

Then had a quick chilled out introduction on drifting/the cars and the instructors experience (all BDC drivers) while being kitted out with almost brand new looking overalls and helmets.

Then after signing the waiver is was straight onto the cars, the zeds have all had welded diffs and coilovers.

There was 5 of us on the silver course between 2 cars and 2 lads were on gold who were on the other side of the drift pan and had there another car.

I was teamed with my mate and 1 other person for Tessa whittocks car,

I was up second so I jumped in the passenger seat, Tessa then explained our first challenge which was controlled donuts around a cone, she explained where to use power to initiate and how you use the steering to allow the car to power around, she then performed a few donuts and it was time to switch seats.

After a few goes and Tessa’s very encouraging tips I was getting the car around the cone while feathering the throttle.

After a few goes at this it was time for the next person to jump in.

Even though there was 3 of us sharing that car I felt like it wasn’t long before it was your go again.

Our next challenges were figure of 8’s, longer corners with entry from both directions then finally a cone track to bring all the elements together.

Tessa was a right laugh and really wanted to get me to nail the whole track with one constant drift transitioning between each part...finally it all came together on my last run and we were both celebrating!

Tessa was very encouraging a good laugh and a fantastic tutor and drifter, I did speak to Matthew denham a fair bit as well who was a top guy and those who know drifting know is an amazing driver 

To finish the day off we had a passenger ride for a fast tandem drift battle with Matthew denham and Martin Richardson in the driving seats which was very cool being inches away from the other car!

Left Rockingham about 4:30pm

All in all I had a fantastic day and highly recommend it for someone that wants to give drifting a try, the tutors were all super relaxed,fun and easy to talk to and question.

Im already thinking of when to book doing the gold course and getting the whole day to build on what I learnt.



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