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Team response to the Photobucket P500

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Morning folks. 


As has been discussed in other threads, Photobucket no longer support third party hosting. 


This has obviously "broke" a number of threads. Especially the how to section. 

The images are still at the source location so you can right click and go to the source and still see the image. 


As the Forum has been upgraded and can now host images, we would like to ask all original posters of the key Guides and How To threads to consider spending a little time to edit their Guides to host the pictures directly with us. We understand this will take a little time, but it would be hugely appreciated.


We'd also like to ask those members with signature images hosted at PB to please edit your sigs to remove the P500 warning. 

A number of avatars are also broken for the same reason. 


Thanks all. 

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