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TLM 350z 2017 update

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It's been a while and there have been a lot of personal hurdles for the team this year. Having won the Britcar Production class championship last year we have a looooooooong list of things the car needed.


The torrential downpour at Oulton with no ABS or TC highlighted where we were losing some time, though it also highlighted how knocking in consistent laps can help (having finished ahead of a privateer Ferrari 458 race car) - as well as a good team strategy - diving in the pits just as we suspected a safety car would be released.


So we drew up a list including:


New suspension parts

Bosch ABS

New speed sensors

Look at Syvecs ECU TC settings

New front bumper

New splitter

Refurb brakes

New wheel bearings

New hubs

Spare discs and bells

Look at oil leak from gearbox

New wheels (x12) (car running square now)

New pads

Comms in car

Rework carbon doors

New cage

New shell

Stroke cats

Eat Biscuits

Look at flat shift with sequential box

fit lasers to front bumper (lights)


General service

Oil in gearbox/engine/diff

Brake fluid

Car on hawkeye

Nut and Bolt check entire car


We made good progress over the weekend knocking a few things off the list. Pictures below - the plan being that we will attack the second half of the season and do some testing in preparation for next year. As always massive thanks to Abbey who have continued to offer loads of support and advice as well as performing all the work on the car that requires any skill! Also for all your sausage needs please see Debbie & Andrews awesome sausage game!


Abbey Motorsport http://www.abbeymotorsport.co.uk

Debbie & Andrews https://www.debbieandandrews.co.uk/


We are hoping to get out later in the year to race as well as hosting a day for passenger rides in a few cars prior.








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