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  1. This is a thread to line up potential members for a Drifting & Over Grip Limit Handling day. I'll follow the same system as last time and float up spaces and if you have preferred dates, please post them up, if you can do either please do indicate that too. As with last time, it'll be first to get their name down gets first refusal. If the slots are all full, please register your interest all the same. Drifting & Over Grip Limit Handling Learn the secrets of over limit handling using your car and our Caterham 7. A five and a half hour experience for 4 owners covering the building blocks of vehicle control at grip limit. A fast-moving sideways experience. Designed to build on the skills learnt on the Performance and Cornering Masterclass club days or as an introduction to the techniques of over grip limit driving for the novice, our instructors will tailor the training to your level of experience. Understand and practice the building blocks of over grip limit driving. It is not just nailing the accelerator and relying on instinct. A drift is the culmination of many core skills polarized into one extreme exercise. All explained and demonstrated by your instructor and practiced by you. Enjoy the challenge of our very sideways Caterham, and experience the dynamic characteristics and capability of your own car as it realises its true potential at grip limit. Invaluable information for those owners wanting to maximise its potential and enjoyment of their car on track. Your training session will include presentations on: - Understeer - Oversteer - Lift Off Oversteer - Roll Oversteer - Weight Transfer at Turn In - Tyre Grip Trade Off - Identifying Grip Limit - Breaking Traction Your training will include an experience of a wetted as well as a dry surface on the Steering Pad at the Millbrook Proving Ground. There will also be a bottle of Champagne for the best Drifting God on the day. Member Price £420 The group size is 4 Link to the CAT site here
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