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  2. Hi guys, Just a quick hello from me, been a few years since I last popped on here! I think last time it was a joint dyno day for the GTROC and you. Anyway, I look forward to seeing some more Zed's in our workshop! Ben TDi North Powertuning
  3. IMO you cant really compare the R35 to the R34. The R34 Skyline was an evolution of the saloon based car whereas the R35 has been redesigned from the ground up as a coupe, hence dropping the Skyline tag. If your looking to buy standard, i dont think you would be too enthralled. When standard, skylines are big and heavy and dont really come "alive" until 400ish+ hp. Boost is wound down on them all to meet the Japanese gentlemans agreement between the car makers but a few simple mods will see you close to 400hp. Anything over and above that and things get very expensive, very quickly!! Running costs are high, repair and maintenance are also quite high. The usual "Skyline tax" is added onto pretty much everything. It would be good to see a comparison of R32/R33/R34/R35 with similar power. Although the 35 would/should walk it, with the way the power is delivered and sustained, not to mention the gearbox, i think the classic 32 would be up there with it as its quite light and nimble compared to the rest. Lots of information and more knowledgeable people than me over on www.gtr.co.uk Hope this helps Ben
  4. Cheers for that Martin. Few pics from the meet at the weekend, some great shots (dispite all the banter about my lack of splitter ) http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/upload/93745-helsby-arms-photos.html#post861120
  5. Not sure about Donny, will check though. Here are a few of the shows we are planning to attend... 5th May - BHP Performance Show - Lydden Hill Circuit 17th May - Japfest 18th May - European Drift Championship - Knockhill (will have a prescence at all rounds) 1st June - Japanese Tuning Show - Silverstone 15th June - Supercar Sunday - Gaydon 29th - 31st August - JAE 2008 (the big one ) Mersea Island We will also be at all rounds of Time Attack and at Santa Pod at most of the events. Lots more to be added to the calendar as we get confirmation of plots/stands. Will be great to meet some of you guys at one of the shows/weekends. EDIT: Yes most of us will be at Donny for time attack, not sure of the club stand as yet, although if your struggling.....
  6. LOL, no problems at all, Wales sounds like a cracker! We will be at most of the shows over the season, i'll have a look through and post up where we'll be attending. Thanks for the info anyway chaps
  7. No its not mate. GTROC is the official owners club for GTR's, the site owner also runs the Stuttgart 9's forum but nothing to do with 350oc af far as i am aware. Cheers Ben
  8. Gents, Just wondering if the club is planning on attending this event. Im currently organising a club stand and was wondering if anyone would like to share a plot with the GTROC? http://www.risingsuncarshow.com/ 10th & 11th May 2008 Nostell Priory, Wakefield. Arrival for clubs allowed from 2pm Friday Show Times Gates Open Saturday 9.30am - 6pm (For general public) Show Cars and Traders to be in the event and setup by Saturday no later than 9.30am. Traders are welcome from Friday at 10am Activities Awards will be Presented on both Saturday and Sunday for the following:- Show & Shine Best in Car Entertainment (ICE) Best Standard Best Modified Styling Best Modified Performance Best in Class Best Neon Display ( ) To be presented on Sunday Best of Show, Best Club along with Interclub activities award Japanese Performance Magazine will be covering the show. http://risingsuncarshow.co.uk/forum/index.php There are a few different shows on that weekend (PTM @ Santa Pod) and i think its Japfest the week after so just looking to bump up the numbers, and who better to share with than other Nissans! We will have full club stand and also the club BBQ. If any of your events organisers or regional reps etc. have any ideas or input, please let me know! Cheers Ben
  9. I'll probably see some of you at the shows over the year, be sure to pop over and say hola! R35 hey, lucky, lucky man!
  10. Cheers Digsy, me too LOL There is an R34 GTT in yellow around these parts but not sure where from, i think it has a carbon bonnet and extra large (ghey IMO) wing
  11. LOL, not a problem Although after a change of exhaust at weekend (now 4inch straight through, decatted and no baffles) you'll probably hear me well before you see me Thanks again guys!
  12. Dont worry guys, were just as sad over on GTR.co.uk LOL





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