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  1. Cheers guys. I was seriously pleased with how clean the 350z was when I picked it up from the importers. It was a 4.5 grade (out of 5, 5 being the best) both interior and exterior. Had a full service done as soon as she landed and got her looked over and she's tip top condition. Digsy, the Rims are from a Nissan GT-R34 Skyline.
  2. I've FINALLY managed to get outside and photograph my Z!
  3. That MUST have hurt! Like being hit by a slightly squidgy brick! I saw a guy get whacked by a hare once. I was at the clubhouse at silverstone watching the superbikes and a hare ran down the side of the track by the starting grid and at the last moment turned 90 degrees and jumped right in front of a passing bike. The thud was followed by the worlds first flying hare!
  4. I (havent) hit the limiter in my 350z at... 120mph F'ing JDm limiters!!! I (didnt) hit 165mph in my old RX-7 twin turbo and (never) hit 171mph on my re-jetted Kawasaki Ninja. That WAS a little scary - the carbon fibre decorative surround stuck to the handlebars came unstuck and whacked me in the middle of my helmet visor. Didnt crack the visor tho thank goodness. Oh yeah, and I (didnt) fall off and die. No hang on... I didnt fall off and die!
  5. Ok, made a note of that... avoid Kev946, Zedrush and Sarnie LOL!!! Its been pi$$in it down everyday this week so still havent been able to get photos of the Z. Maybe be dry enough this weekend. Watch this space...
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys (and girls?!?). Why so many (well, 2) banned from the OC, eh? What mischief you been getting up to!?! LOL! Anyway, it's good to be here and I'll post some picks up soon!
  7. Hmm, that's not what they told me. Admittedly my car falls pocket change short of the £16K mark, but I was told not to bother getting a tracker as their company considered them useless and wouldnt offer any discounts.
  8. Hello! :bye: I've been a Z owner for a nearly a couple of months now (6 if you count the boat crossing from the land of the rising sun). I'm ashamed to admit I havent got any photos of her yet! (I've been unbelievably busy / my camera's broken / poor excuse / poor excuse ) but I plan to get some taken and posted up this week. She's a Silver Fairlady ST with GTR34 18" alloys. Great fun to drive and far easier to look after than my previous car (Re-A RX-7 twin turbo type R) which I worked out never travelled more than 600 miles without a major incident of some kind. Some of you who frequent the other 350z owners club may recognise my username, but to all those who I've yet to meet, I'm looking forward to making your acquaintance (except for any weirdies who lurk in the depths of these forums o' course ) Nate
  9. Peronally, I can't recommend Sky Insurance enough. 27 with 7 years protected no claims, a weeks ban in 2005, plus my partner who's 30 with 0 no claims bonus but no accidents or convictions for 3 years, 350 excess insured on a drive in London for £686 Thats for a Fairlady ST. Did have to get a certified Cat 1 alarm installed tho.





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