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  1. Hi. It feels very flat in the corners with little roll. You can switch off all the traction controls. The 350Z set very high standards for balance and predictability, and it will take a while for me to see how the M135i compares (only had it a couple of days).
  2. I have just sold my ’06 350Z. A great car which performed the dual tasks of sports car and relatively refined GT very well. I have swopped it for a BMW M135i. Everything about the car feels like it is very high quality. It is quieter and more refined than the 350Z, but the engine, turbo and exhaust noise combine to let you know this is still a performance car. The thing that dominates is the engine. The figures – just over 300 bhp – do not tell you the whole story. Independent dynos of this engine show that the bhp is much more than this. In addition it pulls strongly from 2000 all the way to 7000 – lots of torque. It feels significantly faster than the 350Z. I have owned many turbo charged engine cars but this turbo charged engine is in another league. It also delivers relatively good mpg and CO2 of 220. Overall verdict: highly recommended, plus BMW has a load of performance upgrades to choose from which means you can modify your car without loosing the warranty (if you have the money!).
  3. One original 350Z oil filter in unopened pack. £3 + £2 postage = £5 High quality MHH dial indictaing torque wrench. 1 to 12 Newton Meters. Perfect for fitting spacers to plenum. I.e. motordyne. I used it to fit mine and it worked perfectly. It is very important to use appropriate torque setting so as to not cause damage or screws coming loose. Conversion table included. Cost £20 plus £5 postage = £25
  4. Now sold. Sorry to all those who expressed an interest. Chris
  5. Pair of High flow Kinetix catalytic converters that will pass MOT test. They are heat shielded – very important! Fits all 350Z 2002 – 2006 (including rev-up model) Constructed with stainless tubing and 3/8" stainless flanges. Fully TIG welded and true mandrel bends used throughout. About half the weight of OEM. These converters will bolt up to any header (factory or aftermarket) and any exhaust (factory or aftermarket). These pipes also retain the factory Oxygen sensor location and WILL NOT THROW A CHECK ENGINE LIGHT!!. Expect great performance gains from these converters as they have dyno'd between 6-8 hp at the wheels on factory 350Z's. They only add a slightly more aggressive exhaust note and do not have the pesky "raspiness" between 3-4k rpm that is seen with straight through test pipes. Used for less than 10,000 miles. Will last approx 100,000 miles. £250 plus £25 postage. Details of exhaust: Buddy Club SPEC III PRO EXHAUST (one of the lightest stainless steel 350Z systems that you can buy). Independent dyno test shows 15hp power gain. Fitted with removable rear box baffles. Lovely sound and not boomy or intrusive on longer journeys. See review article of system: http://www.importtuner.com/tech/powerpa ... haust.html If you want to hear a sound clip of exhaust then let me know. Used for around 12,000 miles. Stainless steel so will last approx 100,000 miles. £350 plus £50 postage
  6. Ok. No problem. You can either send money via paypal and I'll post or collect to suit. Chris
  7. Reduced to £60 plus £10 p&p = £70 MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Piggy back ECU You can fit this yourself in about 30mins – no special skills or tools required. This is fully programmed for a Rev-up 300 bhp 350Z. Thor racing programmed this up for me (you might have seen them on the gadget show testing high octane petrol). If you have a Rev-up 350z then you can bolt this in and gain 35+bhp and 30+lbs of torque (I have power graphs). If you have another model of 350z then you will have a great base programme to work from - saving you time and money on the rolling road. I have ran this for a year and it works very well! The system will also power supercharged and turbo equipped 350Z – XSTurbo provide free software for this. Further details: http://www.thor-racing.co.uk/UTEC_350Z-UTEC_350Z.asp http://www.turboxs.com/utec350zupdate.htm New cost is £845 Full free software support and updates are available from XSTurbo. What is included: Utec, original box, instructions.
  9. Now sold I still have seat rails for sale: Featuring a sliding seat mechanism. These super low down seat rails allow three different height settings front and rear. Japanese designed and made. Brand new and boxed. Nissan 350Z rivers side (RH) http://www.buddyclubuk.com/seats.htm £75 plus £10 p&p = £85 They cost me £130
  10. Custom made fibre glass cold air ram pipe. This fits in minutes and requires no cutting. This collects air from the grill and forces in towards the air filter. It uses existing bolts for intake and a spanner is the only tool needed. Cost £35 plus £5 postage. I also have seat rails for sale to fit any racing/custom seat to driver's side.
  11. I have places on a karting event that I am organising this Sunday. Email me if you want to come along: chrisgriffiths007@hotmail.com Time and date: 2pm (arrive at least 15 mins before) Sunday 16th August Organiser: Chris Griffiths Venue: Birmingham Wheels, Adderley Road South, Birmingham, B8 1AD Special offer: We are being given free membership of Birmingham Wheels worth £5 – normally required to race. Event: Wheels 60 endurance. • Teams of two or three people. • 10 minute qualifying. • 60 minute race. • Exclusive use of circuit. Karts: New Sodi 270cc karts: 70mph (minimum age: 17 and no complete karting novices) Circuit: 1000m long. Cost: £50.
  12. Hi. They fit all aftermarket/race seats.
  13. Featuring a sliding seat mechanism. These super low down seat rails allow three different height settings front and rear. Japanese designed and made. Brand new and boxed. Nissan 350Z rivers side (RH) http://www.buddyclubuk.com/seats.htm £75 plus £10 p&p = £85 They cost me £130
  14. Which day are people thinking of going? What time for track time?
  15. Average price of a track day is £200. A car with cheap readily avaiable parts like a Ford seems like a good idea





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