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  1. Yep. But will need time and more money so that's gonna have to wait for a bit. I have tried A plan. They admitted they were a bit uncompetitive as far as my quote was concerned. Anyway it's all settled now. Will do the rounds with the insurance companies next year. This has been a stressful but productive experience.
  2. Good to know we get the good stuff. I didn't mind the base model's infotainment or lack thereof. I am planning to do the Brainiac mod anyway. Hi Dan. I think a representative told me nobody would want to insure me because this is my first high powered car and I would need to have at least 6 months experience with it. Didn't really expect that from AF after hearing good reviews about them. I get where they're coming from, but at the same time, everybody has to have their *first* high powered car. Anyway car is sitting pretty in the drive now. Just picked her up today. Ne
  3. Any way you can get it changed? Hope it doesn't void your insurance etc.
  4. Update for everyone. Called Admiral. The agent was very helpful and together we sussed out that 370Z (base model) was not on their system. However the GT and Nismo were. Underwriters have refused insurance on the 370Z base model when this matter was referred to them yesterday. If I had gone with the GT, I would be insured, and only paying 700 quid of insurance. So the only option for me now is to leave admiral and go with AXA for 967 quid. This is silly. Everyone thanks for all your help. Anybody who would like to shed more light on this issue please do so. Feeling a l
  5. It's a 20 plate. DVLA finds the car just fine. Other insurers find the car just fine. It's just admiral and what I presume to be their sister companies that do not recognise it. I tried Esure as well and they didn't recognise it either. Not sure if it's a sister company.
  6. I'm not sure. The dealer says it's cleared HPI. Thank you. Pm'd you. Do you think 1000 sounds about right then? Adrian Flux was refusing to insure me because they want at least 6 months experience with the car. My previous car was a civic hatch. I said to them everyone has to have a first 'high powered' car. Chris Knott was saying the cheapest they found was 1300 but that's not even confirmed with their underwriters yet. A-plan was saying a similar thing. I've yet to call AXA about the 1000quid quote and I've yet to hear back from my current insurer
  7. Hi everyone. I've stumbled into a bit of a situation. I'm turning 29 in 10 days. NCB 2 years and counting on a 2019 Civic sport hatchback . Held license for 3 years. Lived in the UK for 11 years. Driven various cars intermittently in another country for 8 of those years. I'm paying 580 for my Admiral insurance for the Civic. I've actually had a loan approved for a used 370Z. Dealer is literally waiting for me to drive it off the lot, except I have an issue with Admiral where they do not 'recognise' the registration of the car. They've referred it to their underwriters.
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