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  1. every time I go over speed bumps it's like a knocking noise. I had a MOT advisory of play in a drop link so it seems that'll be the culprit
  2. hi, my cars lowered on 30mm tein springs and the drop links are starting to make a noise. Which drop links should I buy, standard ones from nissan? or someone said I should ask about adjustable ones because my cars lowered. Where do I buy the ones I need? thanks for any help guys EDIT: I don't use my car for racing so don't need the best ones out there
  3. Hi guys I have a question, I have a 10 plate non nismo 370 with stock exhaust besides non resonated tail pipes and I'm wondering 3 things? Will Japspeed resonated decats bolt onto my stock system? What change in sound/tone should I expect? Will I gain any power with a stock system on? thanks for any help
  4. yeah I wouldn't last 2 photos before it getting written off haha
  5. thanks again for the welcome guys
  6. thanks for the warm welcome everyone. That tunnel is the entrance to my Bat cave lol, nah it's called Manifold Tunnel in Derbyshire
  7. Hi guys & girls, no idea why I’ve not joined a club yet. For years I’ve been a fan of the Devil Z from the Wangan and now I own a modern version of that Devil Z 240z. 8 month ownership and still loving my car. Its my 1st ever Z however I’m no stranger to Japanese cars (owned mk4 Supra N/A, pulsar GTiR and a few others) anyway here’s some pics of my Z





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