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  1. Im Daytona blue, loving it, damn rain every day just before i go to work is annoying after doing the new car OCD clean thing every night.
  2. Just got a cover for mine, what model of 370 have you got?
  3. Wow there certainly is a wiltshire massive on here, here in Nam thought i was the only one
  4. Thats where i bought mine, Wessex garage at Cribbs. Im there week Friday getting a new number plate.Hopefully no rain. Im mid 40’s so def in the mid life crisis section. It was this or a house extension!
  5. Wow small world im in Chippenham and just got a new 370zGT, another non petrol head so any help appreciated.
  6. Just got one of the last 370GT’s in the UK. Loving it after only a week. Lots to learn i’m sure so any tips for a newbie appreciated. one thing doing my head in - brochure days it has Nissan connect premium. What is this exactly? I can see things on the 7” display like Local traffic information, weather but if i tap them it says it cant retrieve any results? I assume it also isnt the connect system that works with the connect app either? Any support/tips gladly received thank you.





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