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  1. No mishimoto fans and koyo radiator and pathfinder mod for cooling.
  2. hahah I had the same idea. I also cleaned and re-greased the BOV today but still have the fluttering sound at low boost. At low boost the BOV throws the pressure back to the intake, Above 0,5 bar the BOV it blows into the atmosphere. PSSST Don't know if the fluttering sound is bad for the turbos since APS designed the BOV like this... Maybe a TIAL in the future ....
  3. Hi all, My name is luca from the netherlands. Hoping to share and get some ideas from/to everyone!
  4. Nice Build!! I also have a APS TT on my 350Z only with build motor and the extreme kit. Thanks to you I finally know what kind of replacement filters I need for the TT kit. Thanks! We have a lot in common, my BOV also makes a surging noise instead of the Psssst. Time for me to take the APS BOV apart and grease everything like you said. Keep up the good work and maybe we will meet one day on japfest in the Netherlands Greetz Luca



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