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  1. What is the purpose of the red hose? Other than creating a tug of war between the intakes during high load conditions? I've disconnected it and plugged the ports it was connected to (with the bank 2 PCV port still connected to bank 2 intake) and driven the car for a couple of miles to test. Idle, part throttle, WOT all seem to be ok. Thanks.
  2. For anyone interested, these are made from 201 stainless steel, the resonator has no additional sound absorption material and is primarily intended to reduce drone rather than rasp, expected power gains are minimal.
  3. I'm currently considering one of these but am having trouble finding much information other than a few Youtube clips. Has anyone got any experience with them? They're clearly a copy of the Motordyne XYZ but how do they compare (power gains, sound, quality, fitment, etc)? Cost is about £390 (including shipping, duty and VAT) which is considerably cheaper than the XYZ... Thanks.
  4. Paul said the dashed line is the pre-tuning run...
  5. Hi Mark Seeing as TDI North offers UpRev remapping in association with you, what's your opinion on the figures?
  6. For the 6 speed manual 5th gear is the 1:1 ratio. I agree the Powerflow is possibly not the best CBE on the planet, but I doubt it has lost me the power and torque that the ART pipes gained me. So the results are either over-reading WHP or under-reading BHP. But either way they're probably not very accurate.
  7. You're right. I guess he didn't fancy doing ~160mph. If that was the case he should have asked me to drive it!
  8. I asked about that as well and he said he didn't like doing runs in 5th because of the speed...
  9. 18 minutes between runs 3 and 4, not 1 and 4. But it was still only about 1 1/2 hours total and I got charged for 3 hours which I'm not especially happy about.
  10. I don't know much about dynos so I'll take your word for it.
  11. It's 313 PS, which is 308 bhp. But I used the figures 306 bhp and 268 lbft as they're the ones most often used on various websites. If you still have a stock cat back exhaust then those figures sound about right to me. But as you say, all dynos vary.
  12. The HR has 306 bhp and 268 lbft stock. So assuming that dyno is accurate, those can't be flywheel figures because it would mean the modifications gained me 5 bhp and LOST 18 lbft. I've test driven several HRs with similar mileage and maintenance and mine is considerably quicker. So I'd say those are wheel figures but might be a bit optimistic. I have no idea about the weird peaks and troughs at the top end. It certainly doesn't drive like that! I just assumed it was a glitch with the dyno system so didn't ask the tuner. What I did ask was why the tuned peak figures were only 3 bhp and 4 lbft higher than pre-tuned. He said the gains were “subtle”. For £450 I'd say “disappointing” is a better description. But I did get some bottom end and mid range gains, the removal of the throttle response delay in the first three gears, and the slightly rich AFR was corrected. EDIT - Looking at this again, what also doesn't make sense is the speed shown at peak power. If it was 4th gear, how could it be 117mph at those revs? I have a stock final drive so the speed should have been ~127mph. Maybe it was a typo...
  13. 2008 350Z VQ35HR (34500 miles, FSH) Motordyne ART Pipes, Powerflow CBE, HKS Super Hybrid Panel Filters, UpRev Unknown Dyno @ TDI North 311 whp 250 ftlb
  14. Looking at various exhaust manufacturer's websites, the part number is the same for the 350Z and 370Z Y-pipe (ISR is an exception because it uses 2.75” primaries for the 370Z). Does anyone know if the Motordyne XYZ with resonator module is also interchangeable between the 350Z and 370Z? I've looked on the Motordyne website but it's not clear. I've also looked on various trader's websites and on some the part numbers are the same, on others they're different. Does anyone have any information regarding power / torque gains, preferably with dyno charts? I can't find any information on the Motordyne website and the only other information I've been able to find is shown below. There are other threads on various forums but they're so old the images of the dyno charts are no longer there. XYZ Gains 1 XYZ Gains 2 Thanks.





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