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  1. Hi Looking to change those hideous orange side reflectors on a facelift 2006 GT any suggestions appreciated.
  2. Hi Dom Unfortunately cannot make this Thursday due to work but would be interested in a regular Essex meet.
  3. Stu z

    Kenwood DMX

    Hi thanks for info did go with the sony and very pleased with the result looks great and performs well .
  4. Stu z

    Kenwood DMX

    Hi Sorry did not respond sooner thanks for the input .At present I have an aftermarket Pioneer SPH DA 100 its ok but no good for playing music through android .Will take a look at your recommendation.many thanks.
  5. Stu z

    Kenwood DMX

    HI has anyone installed a Kenwood DMX 7017 DABS into a 350 Z. Looks like a nice piece of kit for around £350





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