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  1. cheers folks, thanks, pretty chuffed with it too will say hello in the scotland section
  2. Afternoon, Picked up a post from someone on the zclub.net, apparently a few folks in Grampian, given its age i wont be playing when the salt/grit/even more corrosive stuff comes out but after that. My first Nissan, well Datsun. Its a UK car, very original, rebuilt entirely 3 years ago. Only mods are a 75 janspeed exhaust, electronic ignition, digital clock (with analogue face).. that is it. New bigger ARB, wheel change to period Watanabes, may move to discs on the back, may need some strut braces as well, but dont want to upset the handling too much as its actually quite sweet as it is. After that? Engine, noisy lifter somewhere then look at carb improvements. For a 43 year old, it drives much better than i thought it would, makes me smile more than the Elise did which i thought wouldn't be possible.
  3. istoo

    North of Scotland Zeds

    fit like min. Are older grandad Z cars welcome? handful of days left before mine is hidden away for winter.