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  1. Rupi

    Re-install decats?

    This is certainly starting to smell like an uprev then!
  2. Rupi

    Re-install decats?

    Also, the lambda sensors in the cats are handed? How can I tell if I'm missing the left or the right? Cheers
  3. Rupi

    Re-install decats?

    After a spot of advice... I've just bought my first 350z, and it's come with de-cats fitted quite recently. The EML is on due to the decats. I've heard mixed opinions on whether this can cause long term damage. Some say the engine is not running properly, others suggesting that the lamda sensor in the cats doesn't influence the engines fuelling etc? I have the original cats (minus one sensor). I'm debating between, remap as some have suggested previously, do nothing, or reinstall the cats... Any help most welcome.
  4. Yeap looks v. similar to that!
  5. Hello! Thought I'd introduce myself. Picked up a Zed last weekend, barely stopped smiling since! I'm based just east of Caerphilly. Are there many others my way?
  6. Hello! I'd like to jump in too if I'm not too late? After 20/25 front and rear. Cheers



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