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  1. Hi guys,


    Just a quick question and sorry if it's in the wrong place but couldn't locate security/alarms part of the forum. My remote central locking fobs dont work (probably sender unit malfunction) and I am having to lock my car by pressing the inside lock doors button next to the electric windows buttons. Obviously the alarm isnt setting when I do this but my question is whether the immobiliser automatically kicks in when (or shortly after) the doors are locked? I am planning to get it looked at soon but would ike to know for the meantime?


    Thanks :)


  2. So .... my step dad changes the battery on my Nissan 370z and 2 days later my fob is now not working :( I have to use the manual key to get in and have to insert the fob in to the slot by the door to start it up .... I also cant shut the window properly as it goes down whenever I shut the door! Please help someone!! I have tried both key fobs and changed their batteries too to no avail. 


    Many thanks!



  3. Hi guys,


    Thought I'd try out the Bluetooth hands-free phone .... connected really well, phoned up people, but ... whilst driving I could hardly make out what they were saying and I had to almost shout to get them to hear me! As a newbie Z owner, is this the experience everyone else has in their 370's with the premium BOSE system? Also, where is the mic I need to speak to hehe?


    Thanks in advance! :)

  4. Hi guys,


    I have had a good look in my owners manual for my 2011 370z and done a search on this site but cant seem to find the answers I am looking for. Can you play films via the USB port? If so, what format ... divx/mpeg/avi/mkv? Also, what format do the pictures need to be in to show as images as jpeg doesn't get recognised ;/

  5. So, I just bought a lovely new Roadster and cant for the life of me work out what the button above the open/close switch does??? The red light comes on when reverse gear is selected but nothing else in the car seems to get illuminated or changes. It is obviously an after-market mod but totally clueless what for! :dry:post-31843-0-57866600-1490397396_thumb.jpg





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