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  1. Barks

    Just Painted Mine,,,,,

    thanks for all the kind comments, your a decent bunch! it was a week ago yesterday and i couldnt even park on my street and it didnt happen again yet? so ive decided to just carry on with it, if it happends again i will sell it. just ordered a new lower arm, seams the bushes have a habit of ripping out? and some more decals :-)
  2. Barks

    Just Painted Mine,,,,,

    thanks all, just going to leave it at the mo, if it happends again ill take it off the road and use the bike for a while. it was parked outside, northampton is a sh1thole these days. the colors look awsome in the flesh when the sun hits them as there pearl, but without the sun there a bit crap. it was just a bit of fun and a shame it didnt get finished, was getting large jap writing saying insane for the wing/ door tops, numbers, flags and other bits. been looking at moving for a while so maybe back after with a candy red or pearl white. cheers barks
  3. Barks

    Just Painted Mine,,,,,

    Well didn't get chance to finish it as it's been keyed badly down both sides. Take care guys.
  4. Barks

    Just Painted Mine,,,,,

    The Kia is a customer's car, the aston is mine which I'm about to fully restore. Which is why it doesn't matter that it isn't covered as it's getting stripped to the shell. Any more unrelated comments and I'll pull the pics.
  5. Barks

    Just Painted Mine,,,,,

    Hehe, this happened today
  6. Barks

    Just Painted Mine,,,,,

    You must be exceptionally pleased you got into a 350, even being made by the same people as a Micra, if quick and handled well are words you associate with a crossfire Yes mate. I like it. It has more room. In The boxster and crossfire i always had the seat hard up against the back. Wasn't quite enough room, it could be quicker though. The boxster handled exceptionally well and the engine was awesome above 5k. Although disposable. ,,, Yeah the crossfire surprised me. Floor it at 120 and it shifts down 2 gears, I hit water at 130 and it didn't flinch! Anyway I wanted a zed for a few years and now I got one I thought I would keep it but I keep looking at the 370 :-) Unless I find a smashed up one it's too much for me. In northamptonshire for those who asked. Unit is near rugby. Cheers barks.
  7. Barks

    Just Painted Mine,,,,,

    WOW Loads of comments, :-) Thanks for the welcome, the crossfire came along cheap as most cars do but saying that it was quick and handled very well. yes mate a fair bit of work, it took me 8 days start to finish including refit and polish. i nearly laqured it after painting it white, but had a go and it is what it is. can always change it if i grow sick of it but they are nice colors, both pearl, the grean goes gold in the sun and the purple just pops.... i could of faded the colors but wanted the roof line to wrap around the car. its getting 5 foot long anime girls weilding swords down each side, and other stuff, i fancied sunburst orange with black top but its been done so tried something different, it certainly gets alot of interest. just incase anyone wondered if the front plate surround is removed and rotated 180 degress it fits on the bottom lovely. i looked at some body kits but to be honest i like the front of the car it drops nicely, the only bit i might change would be side skirts and the rear bumper needs to be lower. maybe spoiler. wheels are going anthacite probably. its one thing looking at a color and loving it, another driving a car that color lol. cheers barks ps, you have a good eye its an aston am vantage
  8. Barks

    Just Painted Mine,,,,,

    lol, tried to take roof line around, its getting anime decals tomoz...
  9. hi all, new here, finally bought a zed, liked them for a while but couldnt bring myself to own a car thats made by a company that makes a micra.... 3 TT's, 2 SLK's, a boxster and a crossfire later.... so bought cheap as cat d, roof dented, bonnet hit it, all mechanics done, swapped out exhaust for scorpion, was decat but way too droney so just cat back now. finally chance to fix roof, rust, dents and paint it., wanted a white car for a while, liked orange and black top, so for some strange reason went green purple,,,,, lol anyway ill shut up, i know everyone just likes pics.....
  10. Hi. Thanks for help all. I've found and read a very interesting paper on muffler design and acoustics. So I'm sorted. Here is link if it helps anyone. http://www.acoustics.asn.au/conference_proceedings/AAS2005/papers/34.pdf Regards Barks



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