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  1. No haven't conntacted vortech yet. Think the software for the split second box is called "R4 Engine Management Software"
  2. Anyone got the software for the Vortech SS Box?
  3. Need all the pulleys to the vortech kit, except the one on the charger. Where to buy? or do i have to order from vortech? Any replacment part i can use?
  4. Yes, its the right box in the pdf file from vortech. Have read it before, alot of splicing and cutting. Im afriad of doing it wrong. Must exist a easier write up with pictures
  5. Have anyone wired up the Vortech split second box? Pictures/drawing of the harness would be nice!
  6. Does it matter if the hole drilled in the transmission tunnel, line up exactly with the oem hole on the side? Seems like when I measure on the passenger side, the mark will be on the seat rail mounting point on the chassi.
  7. Got a harness bar was thinking about mounting points on the sides.
  8. Anyone mounted 4 point harness in the 350z? Where do you mount the eyebolts for the harness? Use the oem hole and drill the other one in the transmission tunnel.
  9. Btw, does anyone know? Thinking of ordering one..
  10. Has anyone fitted a oem Nismo v3 front bumper on their 350z? What other parts than the bumper, do I need to make it fit properly? I know i need to get the extension panel, but other than that..
  11. No hidden screw, the base is just a solid piece of metal. Only a smal hole underneath the base. Won't slide upwards. Frustrating!
  12. The base on my mirror, dosen't seem to have a screw??
  13. Does anyone know a way to remove the rear view mirror from the windshield? Have tried to put a flat screw driver in the hole on the base of the mirror. Pressing it in and pulling the base upwards, at the same time. But it doesn't move. I'm afraid to use force, don't want crack my windshield.





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