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    First pic ever taken, the day she came home
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    350Z 2008 Convertable

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  3. Suns out :) Tops down :) even deployed cheesy sun glasses

  4. new clutch is in, drop in fuel prices, super happy mood :)

  5. Good afternoon All, its done! Unfortunately I have the duel mass, but fortunately it was still in good shape . BIG THANK YOU to Tricky-Ricky for the mechanic tip, Joe was very helpful, honest and knows his stuff . He will be the main mechanic for my car from now on. Now the clutch is in, the acceleration is just f***ing unbelievable! Traction control off, the whole front end lifts off the road, the engine roars with a pleasing B phlatt sound and you get chucked back into the seat. This car is so quick, I actually thought I should stop dressing like an old man and wear something more trendy. I guess I must have bought it with the slipping clutch and thought it was good, now its just epic. I take all the miss giving's back, I am in love again Plus for some reason the sound track is much better then before, it is cold now but I drove home with the windows down and radio off Thanks again for the help. Kind regards Giz Sorry I did not call the other garage in the end.
  6. I would check your Belts, specifically the one with the air con on it. If its loose/worn it will slip thus air con is not turning as it should when you accelerate hard. On mine it has one belt but on older car's you have three belts. They are cheaper about £10.00p ish but you need to lift car up to get under it and replace it. the smell is the belt rubber giving in under the heat and extra loading from acceleration. I would try this first as it is cheap compared to a new Clutch.
  7. Thanks guys, best talk to both. TA Jeff's is 5 mins walk from my house and Holt is up the road from where I work in Hillington so both are close to me. What do you think to the after market clutch vs the original ? and is 50,000 miles what I should come to expect from a clutch ? Regards Giz
  8. Good afternoon all, There was a thread which I saw for this, but I have lost it. I hope someone can help, I have a 2008 350Z. I suspect the clutch is going as the bite point has dropped to the floor (1/2 inch to dis engage) and it really does not like going over 60mph (feels sluggish), plus the acceleration has now gone. I am diving very smoothly and it works ok, with cruise control on esp off. The car is 4 year old and has done about 50,000 miles, but to be fair I am the 3rd owner, which never good for a clutch. I am looking for a 350Z specialist Garage, who are not looking to rip me off as the main stealer in Lynn have a rep. I will need a new clutch which given its a 310 BHP , I notice the prices are higher then an older 350 model, but before I buy anything I would like to talk with the chap that works on it. I have the same questions as most (after market vs original) but I am noticing there are allot less after market parts for the younger car. My thoughts after a few months of ownership is that the car is more powerful, but they have not upgraded anything else, thus it wears stuff down much faster, that and the Brembo Brakes are not good enough! I have driven fully laden tractors with better response and stopping power. Thus can you recommend a garage for me? I don't mind to do an extra distance if the service and prices are better. I would ideally like to find a garage which will remain the only garage for my car while I have it. I am hoping to keep it for long time as I think 350Z will be, if not already a modern classic. regards Giz
  9. Thanks for the recommendation, next time I need a fix done I will look up cougar store . I have book marked them for now. Regards Giz
  10. good morning All, Bough my 2008 350Z a couple of months ago, had a rocky start as the belt went within 1 month of owning it ! Gave it to a Nissan garage to look at, they tried to take me for a fool and wanted to replace stuff that was not broken (est £580.00p) , so I fixed the car myself in their car park with a new belt @ £15.00 and drove off a happy man. Since then she purrs away and I grin from ear to ear. I have a pic of my 350Z when purchased, as other sites will state, I still don't believe I own this car. Its just awesome, specially when you really don't want to be stuck behind an EU truck doing 55 mph, with a million and one eco cars begrudgingly following it. The radio multi changer has amusingly swallowed the 'dire straights' disk and is now jammed. So it's radio only for while till I can find some cassetts or buy a new one. Unless anyone knows a good trick to un jam it? It just keeps saying 'loading' but nothing is happening. For know, I will keep the car the same, though may up date the brake disks when they go. Regards Giz





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