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  1. you were very lucky to pick up a pair for that iv been looking for ages and are normally around the £500 mark
  2. Has anyone bought one of these of eBay? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMUSE-AMS-style-Front-Bumper-for-Nissan-350z-2003-2009-fibreglass-BEST-FITTING-/261983836850?nav=SEARCH
  3. Ok thanks. I couldn't believe it when it said I was doing 48mpg.
  4. Now my car is supercharged. All of the mpg and miles till empty gauge is now wrong is there a way to get this more accurate again?
  5. Spligit

    Wheel spacers

    Anyone got some wheel spacers looking for 20mm thanks
  6. Thanks I'll have a look í ½í¸
  7. Iv been looking into supercharging now and have spoken to abbey and got a quote. Where else could I go to get a vortech kit fitted? Thanks in advance
  8. Looks great! Like the extra brace! We're can I get one?
  9. Looking for a Bose sub cover for a GT for behind the drivers seat
  10. Spligit

    My 350z

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