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  1. Hello fellow 370z enthusiasts I hope you are all well! Just wondering if I can get a bit of guidance on something - I own a 370z GT ultimate (2010) which I do really fake care of and barely 'thrash'. On the odd occasion when I take off quickly from standing I've noticed the clutch pedal 'stays down' and doesn't come back up for a few seconds allowing me to shift into 2nd. This is followed by a nasty burning smell. Does this happen to anyone else or does anyone know what could be happening here? Do I need something replacing? Thanks all in advance ðŸ‘
  2. Thanks Ebized and WhackyWill much appreciated ðŸ‘
  3. Hi all I've not long bought a 370z ultimate and I've noticed that there is a 'clunk' when changing from 1st hear to 2nd. I've heard it once when chafing 2nd to 3rd. Although its intermittent and doesn't happen all the time I was wondering if this is a natural characteristic of the 370z gearbox or is it worth getting it checked out? Thanks





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