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  1. Sorry guys didn't make it clear Have done the reset twice now and the problem comes back so it's definitely a faulty item
  2. Hi guys, I've got a 2003 jap import 350z. Had the EML, traction control and Slip light thrown up on the dash the other day while driving! After doing the pedal trick the code that flashed up at me ended up being P0345 CMP sensor (phase) so I'm guessing I'm in need of a new sensor but I don't know exactly which one! If anyone has had this issue before and knows the part number for the sensor I need could you please let me know, I tried calling my local Nissan parts place but the guy on the phone was absolutely useless!!! Thanks, Craig
  3. I'm after a set of 4 bolt on arches! I've tried a few universal arches but the curve died t match up with the front wings or rear 1/4 Brand new or second hand is fine but I will need to see photos of them fitted or sized up against a zed! Thanks
  4. Did inbox but had nothing. Anyone got one for sale?
  5. Ohhhhh yes I remember lol yeah it was very early, I was still half asleep
  6. Thanks fella, was you on the oppersite side or did I drive past you? I was so tired I was just in a driving daze lol
  7. That was me and nat on the way back from Japshow! We bumped into quite a few zed's on the way home
  8. I'm looking for a bumper Intake for a DE doesn't matter if it's brand new or second hand! Black or carbon fibre is fine
  9. A few photos from a few of my awesome photographer buddies of my evening track day at brands hatch!
  10. I have a black leather OEM one if your interested
  11. I currently run japspeed decats with an un-resonated cobra exhaust system but I've been told that I can't exceed 96db for my track day! I used an app on my iPhone (probably not accurate) but my pass by was 110db





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