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  1. Hi pimm sorry working abroad atm late reply. I have the full Bose system installed. Is it not possible to fit the correct wiring harness into a JDM for Bluetooth controls? So looks like I'll need a Nokia (bat phone) or a stand alone Bluetooth kit? Seems a shame to waste the hole concept of steering controls just because of an import!!!
  2. If you remove the top dash and maybe cut the inside of the cubby away maybe fit a vertical spring plate one side so the tablet sits inside the cubby as far across as the air vents? Spring plate allowing u to have access to removing tablet whenever but still seated inside the cubby? For power button soldering wire to a logic gate NOR to a button on dash as a signal for one off or on? In page three of this thread someone mentions usb ports... OTG cable £1.50 on amazon. Just throwing some ideas out there.... lol I don't have the time or tools to start this project but would love to get my nexus 7 in my 350z just bit gutted there bringing a 3g version out in 6 weeks now think I'd re-invest if someone got this project off the ground
  3. hi i have jdm azure 350z i am trying to find the parts... control unit, cradle and adapter, where did u source it from for 105 pounds? this is a steal i already have the nokia lead and 3.5mm jack installed but no good as i wish to use a sgs2 and still have steering controls. can anyone let me know if i have the control unit already installed (rear cubby under sav nav box) and whther its just cradle and adapter i need to install into wiring harness or whether i need to source all three and where from thanks steve.
  4. hi i have the jdm 350z it has a nokia connector and 3.5mm jack where the cradle should live... i can aquire a bluetooth cradle and adapter but would they fit straight into the wiring harness. and does this mean i need a bluettoh control unit? iv read that its under some compartment or would i need a control unit too? thanks steve.
  5. Same problem dude... iv found and learnt that we need a cradle and adapter that should plug str8 into your wiring harness http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 8&start=45 There is a step by step plan in this... and part number for calling dealership. Apparently it cost around 200 but I think to complete the car its a price we might have to pay
  6. Any contact details for getting this bad boy imstalled?? Money waiting.... looks insane and awesome spec for in car mod. I have jap nav... useless in UK worth a convert!
  7. Hi new to forum... just bought import nismo azure blue (going to have loadsa fun with this car) have you got the details for purchasing this phone kit? Thanks





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