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  1. This ... Is... Epic !!! I'll be watching this thread , can't believe I've only just seen it !
  2. Already fitted New crank sensor New LH cam sensor New RH cam sensor Ecu Wiring harness Ecu is coded as is the key (light goes off the dash etc) Also had alsorts of code readers on it and they all say it's clear , to check I unplug a sensor and it brings the fault up
  3. Hey guys , long story short.... Iv got a 55 plate DE zed, after a rebuild I ran I to electrical problems and the car wouldn't spark and the injectors wouldn't open... After a lot of testing / checking / changing parts she runs but only if the Crank Position Sensor is unplugged... With it plugged in the car cranks strong but won't muster fuel or a spark Any ideas where I should be looking next ?
  4. Another zed with BMW shoes, looks nice buddy Another contrasting pic to show antisocial fitment Love them in the dark colour tho
  5. Just seen your post D95gas, il look into that , cheers buddy
  6. Lol I might try and convince somebody with a trailer to drag it down. I don't know anybody in the north east with any clue what there doing with this kind if car. They all just erase fault codes and fit disks and pads. Anybody recommend any tuners , even just the north will do, SlideMotorsport offered but it's £200 just to get the car to them in Leeds
  7. Yeah... I'm in Newcastle so il never get it there
  8. Where's are you based Keyser? Seem highly recommended I really don't want to have to sell or break the car, I love it, it's just getting expensive and I'm getting nowhere
  9. Rebuilt my a friend who's a master tech. Car started/was run up for a few hours without fault, as soon as it went over 3k the eml would come on,turned out bank 1 was 1 tooth out of time. Re-timed it and now it has no spark or fuel. Checked and changed ecu and still nothing. It had the live but no pulse. Anybody that wants to have a look help yourself lol
  10. So my car STILL is t working. After a full rebuild nissan can't find why there's no fuel or spark, ad iv run out of money so it has to go. Just weighing up weather I'm better selling if with the fancy bits /break the while car /return to standard and sell. Either way it has to go. Il put a full spec up soon so you guys can help me decide what's best
  11. Alex is sorting this , can a mod please delete this ?
  12. Basically I need a used ecu , here's mine so need one with the same part number
  13. Cheers guys. I don't know any decent zed garages in the north east unfortunately so Nissan was my best bet. Luckily my friend works there so I get a discounted hourly rate and he'll keep a eye on it. He text me this today , apologise for the bad English, copied and pasted lol "Ecu not being earthed which is causing the ecm relay to not supply a live to coils so gonna have a look at possible ecm failure r completely bypassing it and putting an earth and ignition live after the relay but hopfully be monday latest mate" Make sense ?
  14. So it's all back together, heads on, timed up etc. car started and ran / idled lovely .... Then I drove it to the petrol station 1 mile away and it was Ok, kangaroo'd once it twice but pretty civilised. Driving back from the petrol station and the car was kangaroo'ing like mad. Pulled back into the garage , came up with a fault code on bank 2 Cam Sensor. Bought a new one. Replaced it, exactly the same ! Nissan advised me that my idea of bank 2 was there bank one (I say bank 2 is #2-4-6, they say bank 2 is #1-3-5?). Anyway, bought the sensor for bank 1 and still kangaroo'ing and would idle st
  15. As above , mainly bank2 but if you have both il have both. Needed ASAP so as close to Newcastle Upon Tyne as possible, happy to travel to collect
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