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  1. We run ours on 5w-40, generally accepted across the world as the best grade to use on the 2L turbo engines. I use Silkolene Pro S in ours, 'tis good stuff.


    Tis good advice, 5W-40 Pro S is exactly what I run mine on (2005 sti) and it likes it very much, grab a 5ltr bottle from Opie or similar, my dipstick is next to useless, always gives iffy readings takes 5/6 attempts to get a half clear reading, as that is it's only job in life it's fairly rubbish. Filers are cheap as chips for these things so buy a few in,and change the oil regularly as it gets gopping quick, import car parts are good for filters.

  2. Hi Guys

    Had some amazing results with some new kit Tim @ Envy recommended for me so thought I'd share, I bought an 05 Impreza STI with mica black paint recently which is great, what was not so great was the horrific state of the paintwork one i got it home and cleaned it.


    It had the works, heavy swirl marks, holograms, scratches, scrapes, marks from other peoples door protectors and a lovely long key mark down one side, have a look at the pics to say I was upset was an understatement:






    This close up one shows the condition most of the panels were in:



    At this point I was seriously thinking about how much a re-spray would set me back, but thought I'd contact Tim @ Envy and see what he thought, after running a sun light over the paint and measuring the paint thickness he recommended me a DoDo DA polisher and the fairly new Meguires Microfibre paint correction kit.


    All I can say is, if you have paint defects, you need this kit! It consists of a backing plate, microfibre cutting pad and microfibre finishing pad, the cutting compound and a finishing compound (the pads are colour coded too so you cant mix them up which is handy).


    It took two days to do from start to finish, that's cleaning the with car Autoglym shampoo, bug / tar remover, claying, and paint correction.


    The kit was a dream to use as I've never even picked up a DA before let alone used one on scabby black metalic paint!

    It has removed not only 99% of the swirl marks but around 95% all of the scratches and scrapes too, as a begginer I cannot recommend this product enough! I did the whole car twice (my paint was pretty shocking) as used no pressure at all on the DA I just used the weight of the machine (I wimped out on using any pressure) on the first go, and applied a little more as per the instructions in the kit the second time. You would have to be a complete chump to damage your paint with this kit.....


    This is what the paint looked like after correcting but BEFORE I applied any wax or sealer etc I had a pot of supernatural hybrid to go on but wanted to show the results before waxing.








    Remember all the hideous scratches down the passenger door: :teeth:



    Bodywork is like glass, and now I have the supernatural wax on it looks even better!


    So if you have a Kuro, or Azure and want rid of any imperfections, I would seriously think about getting one of these kits.


    As a side note, massive thanks to Tim @ Envy for advising me on what to use, and for taking time out to check my paint for me out of hours, this is why forum traders are great, you just don't get that sort of service from an ebay shop etc, left to my own devices the products I would have bought would have been fairly pointless.


    I know it's not a Z but thought some may find it usefull!



  3. Hi All

    Need to clear space for a new project so have some bits going cheap or begging, these are all collection only from Southampton area SO40 post code, I have:


    Meguires Black Apron (to stop you getting grubby using your da) brand new never used Free

    350z Stock skirts in Blade Silver (from an 04) £10.00 need a good clean, one or two clips missing (were missing when I took them off the car so had been off before)

    350z Front discs (for Brembos) aprox 1mm lip Free

    Rowing Machine (pneumatic) working with digital multimeter thingy too Free

    2 Ton Trolley Jack with handle Free





    Alternatively, whoever takes the skirts can take the rest too if they wish, I just need it gone :)


    Please PM if interested.





  4. Evening all


    Well as my car has now gone, I have a few items that are no longer needed, also have a set of stock side skirts in Blade silver in the loft but they need a clean and some pictures! So for now we have:




    As new Richbrook slant top gear knob,6 speed bottom right reverse used for only a few days on my 350z, no marks etc, easy installation and will fit other vehicles £15 collected, £20.00 deivered.


    350z rear badge letters, freshly sprayed in metalic graphite grey (looks awesome on a Blade) will need new sticky stuff (3M etc) £10.00 delivered


    350z / G35 Haynes manual, usefull reference! £10.00 collected £12.00 delivered


    DoDo Juice Rainforest Rub, soft wax, gave fantastic results on both my 350 and the wifes black Cupra R, easy to appy, around 60% of the tub left at least! £10.00 collected £13.00 delivered


    Thanks for looking!







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