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  1. Bits will be going on Ebay if no one here is interested .... Go one make me an offer
  2. I'll be honest I don't know, they certainly fit the original intakes, and also the JWT pop chargers... See here http://www.hiprospeed.com/HPS-Silicone-Air-Intake-2009-09-Nissan-370Z-3-7L-p/87-68426-4-blk.htm
  3. Hi, I am selling a few bits taken off my 370z today JWT Pop Chargers - Pair plus heat shields all in MINT Condition - 18 months old - SOLD HPS Silicon Intake Tubes - 18 months old - Mint Condition - SOLD Stillen Silver Earthing Kit - Mint Condition - £25 + shipping - SOLD Z Billet Oil Cap - mint Condition - SOLD Payment by PayPal please All located in Dorset if you want to pick up Cheers
  4. Hi, will be taking the following off the car this weekend B) Z Billet Oil Cap Dual Pop Chargers with heat shields HPS Silicon Intake Pipes Stillen Earthing Kit Will post up formally with photos, etc
  5. Guys, will be putting this on ebay with some other bits (see signature) in a few days so please let me know if your interested. Cheers
  6. can't say how much it transforms the car .... its one of those things you don't really appreciate until you've got it. I went out yesterday and forgot I had removed it, pressed the button and just got a warning beep. Then had to sit like a numpty waiting for the top to go up, then had to put the windows up, then eventually could get out of the car...
  7. Its really simple to get the electronics, you stop the hood half way, and in the area where its sits when down, there is a cover, you peel this back and access all of the electronics. The loom on the device has a male and female plug, you unplug the OEM one and plug it into the unit and then the other plug from the unit you plug back into the OEM control box. Then the is one power wire, which you tap into so it can power the hood, even with the ignition off, and one other wire to control the windows, to put back up after the closing or opening of the hood. It really is well thought out .. Hope this helps
  8. sorry they only list the 370z on their site, nothing for the 350
  9. Seriously, what an amazing transformation ..... Well done you
  10. Hi, My 370z is going back so all the toys are coming off it. I am selling my mods4cars roof top control unit, which has been installed for about 18 months. In perfect condition. If you own a roadster, then you really do need this, it just makes life so much easier. The unit allows you to do the following things which can CANNOT do on a standard car Raise and Lower the roof with one touch of the button - no longer have to hold the bottom until its finished Raise and Lower the roof whilst travelling up to 25mph - so nice to just touch the button as you pull into your road or car park, and roof goes up whilst your still parking Raise windows automatically when top up or down Raise/lower top from the Nissan key - as you approach the car Raise/lower windows from the Nissan key - as you approach the car USB interface to program the module the way you want it to work Using original Nissan connectors, so very easy to fit, with no cutting wires, etc See www.mods4cars.com New price is €280 shipped, I am looking for £150 shipped by Royal Mail 1st class recorded. PM me if interested Many thanks





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