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  1. All parts now gone - mods, thread can be locked, thanks.
  2. Thanks for the sale on the cats Rob, and good to meet you! Best of luck tomorrow with the MOT
  3. Hi, can you PM a contact number regarding  the CATS.


  4. Hi Zedderz, Due to an impending house move, I need to get rid of various OEM parts that have come off my car to be replaced by uprated parts over the past 9.5 years of ownership. Condition of items varies but it's all been stored in my (dry) garage since removal from the car. I've no idea how to price any of this stuff tbh, but I'll give it a bash and am open to offers. Everything is collection only from Ruislip, NW London (I'm lazy and cba posting!). Strut brace, removed from car June 2012 / c40k miles, needs a bit of a clean, but good condition with no scratches £30
  5. Yep we got names Zed = Zebedee M135i = Bobby (the beemer) Fiesta = Vroomz (plate ends in VMZ) All given lots of thought for all of 10 seconds haha
  6. Might be missing something but just a new battery required? Both my fobs died at the same time the other month. 2 new batteries inserted, no reprogramming, and all hunky dory again.
  7. Sized

    BMW M140i

    If anyone is looking to buy one of these then I'd recommend going through TRL on the Babybmw forum - he will give you the best price straight off the bat (20% off list on my M135i purchased earlier this year). Great cars
  8. New carbon bonnet struts arrived promptly and looking good! Great service as usual Adrian, thanks
  9. Just spotted 10.30am - car looking great and nice convoy! Enjoy the continent!
  10. Sized

    2nd car policy

    Yep many will do if you ring them. Sky mirrored my zed no claims onto my M135i no worries
  11. Definitely. And if you buy through TRL on Babybmw you should see 20% off list on these I think (that's what I got on my recent M135i purchase). Love the 2 Joe and as others have said, looks fantastic in red. Are the grilles an easy change? And do you have a link for where you got yours?
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